Coal Seam Gas Generators

If you are searching for a quality Genset generator to operate on your coal seam gas supply (CSG), then look no further than Gastech. Due to our extensive range of Genset technologies we can now tailor make to your exact site requirements.

Gastech has recently launched a new line of Genset generators capable of using CSG as the main fuel source. We have developed this technology based on the Cummins 4BT engine platform and converted this engine to operate on 100% gas. Our technology allows our turbo charged Gensets to operate on gas pressures as low as 5 kPa.

Gastech currently have Gensets operating in the Narrabri coal fields of New South Wales, Australia on a 24 hour, 7 days per week cycle.

So whatever gas Genset generator it is you’re looking for, Gastech should be your first port of call.