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EURO 6 Emission Standard LPG Engines are now available for London Black Cabs from Gastech

  • A WORLD FIRST achievement for Gastech with their successful EURO 6 engine, which has surpassed all of the rigorous testing procedures undertaken at the famed United Kingdom Millbrook Emissions Testing Centre.
  • This Gastech engine is specifically designed for the London Black Cabs or vehicles fitted with the Ford Duratorq diesel engine. This engine is capable of operating on 100% LPG and can be switched to Automotive Petroleum if ever required.
  • This LPG engine technology has already surpassed the current EURO 6 emission standards and is ready to take on and meet higher emission world standards.
  • This highly fuel-efficient engine has practical application in the densely populated taxicab markets around the world, particularly in London – for the Black Cab fleets.

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Gastech Greening for London Black Cabs

The heavy fuel-thirsty world famous London Black Cabs TX1 model is fast becoming London’s Greenest Taxi. Current TX2 black cab owners can have the life of their vehicles significantly extended by retrofitting this LPG technology and gaining approval from the Transport for London to operate in their Low Emission Zone to EURO 6 compliance. Bulk purchasing of LPG will accentuate payback time.

Gastech provides brand new engines for which are installed in production by the Richmond Road Cab Centre Ltd at 195 Hackney Road, Hackney London E8 3NJ. Gastech is the only company that has developed a fully certified EURO 6 engine for the TX2 London Black Taxi, which is even cleaner than a new TX5 EURO 6 diesel. In fact, Gastech’s TX2 engine technology surpasses EURO 6 emission requirements.

London Black Cabs
London Taxi Gas Engine

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GasTech Engine Technology in the london cabs

  • The engine is a Brand New Engine not remanufactured.
  • The Engine is a dedicated LPG version of the original engine. It is not a petrol engine that has a gas kit fitted.
  • Engine size has not been altered and the horse power and torque figures are the same as the original. This is important in maintaining the automatic transmissions change points and smooth operation. As well as its reliability.
  • By using the original engine the integrity of the original OEM design is maintained thereby not affecting the re-sale value of the vehicle.
London's Green Gastech Cabs
  • Using the original engine also means that there are no special parts required, such as engine mounts or gearbox adaptors.
  • Replacement parts were also taken into consideration. As most fleet owners and service centres keep parts such as filters, fanbelts, gaskets, etc. in stock, by maintaining the original engine it reduces the need for sourcing additional specialised parts. This reduces the risk of unnecessary down time, when servicing the vehicle.
  • Driver and passenger comfort is another advantage. When the engine is converted to Gastech LPG, gone is the rattle of the noisy diesel engine. The new quieter LPG engine reduces the noise level considerably.
  • In addition to the new parts, the reduction in compression from diesel to spark ignition, means less load on existing engine components. Bearing in mind these parts were designed for the harsh loads associated with a high compression diesel engine.