Volvo FM 460 EURO V

The Volvo FM 460 is a heavy truck range produced by the Swedish Volvo Truck Corporation. The FM range is a multi-purpose truck range for distribution, construction and on highway/off highway transport duties.

Gastech have successfully converted one of their transport industry customers Volvo 13 litre 460HP powered truck with I-shift transmission from diesel fuel to dual fuel (LNG/Diesel) operation

Heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) engine technologies

Gastech have developed this Volvo engine platform to operate on liquefied natural gas (LNG). We term this technology “Diesel Ignition Technology” which is a dual fuel multi port electronic sequential injection technology that operates on a small amount of diesel for combustion ignition followed by natural gas coming from an LNG on-board tank. Gastech are achieving diesel substitution rates with this natural gas technology in the ranges of 80% to 90% on their in-house engine dynamometer facility and on-road testing programs.

Some of the main advantages of this Gastech technology are: